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Welcome to my Newsletter – June 2019

I hope that you find these articles of interest. If you have a topic for future discussion, please let me know.

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What’s New This Month

This Insurance Can Help You Survive Another Business’s Disaster

In October and November of 2011, floods inundated large parts of central Thailand, including thousands of factories that made everything from automotive parts and hard disk drives to eyeglass lenses and air conditioners.

Carmakers in Detroit shut down because they could not get the parts they needed and half of the world’s hard disk drive production was wiped out, leaving computer manufacturers with stalled assembly lines. When disasters like this occur, businesses around the world feel the effects. On a local scale, if one of your suppliers or vendors suddenly halted operations, what would you do?

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Adult Children on Your Policies Can Create Coverage Gaps

These days, many families are assisting their adult children financially far longer than parents of earlier generations. And that kind of support for college, and sometimes basic survival, can create insurance coverage gaps for the adult child that can be a major risk to your financial wellbeing.

Do you have coverage gaps?

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Controlling the Risks of Business Vehicles

As the cost of commercial auto insurance continues climbing at unprecedented rates, any business with vehicles has to make sure that it has procedures and policies in place to reduce the chances of its drivers causing accidents.

When a business entrusts a vehicle to an employee, it is literally putting its assets on the line. Here’s what you should be doing.

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Keep Your Family Safe from Heat Illness This Summer

As summer approaches and the number of hot days increases, you have to pay attention to the temperature gauge and how long your kids are out playing in the sun.

Heat illness kills hundreds of Americans every year, and it is the number one weather-related killer. Also, heat stroke is the top cause of exercise-related deaths among high school students. So what can you do to avoid a heat-related tragedy in your family?

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