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Cyber Liability

Did you know that typical General Liability policies do not provide coverage for data breaches and are not covered under third party property damage? Proper Cyber Liability coverage is essential to the longevity of any Social or Human Service organization that uses technology to manage information. Whether due to an error, or as a result of a malicious attack, the result is the same: complex and costly claims. We have the coverage you need for this growing threat.

Why You Need Cyber Liability:

  • Protects private information and confidential data
  • Covers damages due to viruses and security breaches
  • Covers claims related to identity theft
  • Covers privacy rights violations

WHY COVERAGE IS IMPORTANT: Data breaches, or the unintentional release of secure information by hackers, careless disposal of computers and faulty or malfunctioning storage media has been rapidly effecting businesses throughout the United States.


Security and Privacy (Cyber) Liability – Access coverage for any third party liability and first party expenses arising from a breach of private confidential information.

HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulates exchanges of private patient data to prevent unlawful release of medical information.

PCI – There are several levels of compliance depending upon how many credit card transactions a business handles which is regulated by the Payment Card Industry.